Rail Europe is a platform offering train travel solutions, providing easy access to rail tickets, passes, and related services for folks looking to explore Europe.

After having undergone a recent rebranding, we were brought on to implement the branding on some of their marketing materials as well as develop an illustration style that would compliment their new branding. The goal of the latter was to add a human touch to product design and marketing materials. We also used the opportunity to increase the overall appeal of train travel by evoking ease & simplicity.

We focused on the view from inside the train. Exploring the journey itself, evoking inspiration, discovery, and adventure. We also depicted the interior of the train, exploring themes of ease and comfort via onboard services & amenities. 

The style is flat illustrations with black outlines that can be pieced together to tell various stories. We also created an illustration guideline document so that Rail Europe could continue making the illustrations internally.
+ Art Direction
+ Illustration
+ Graphic Design

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